I don’t feel like myself, at all. I just want to cry all the time.

And not having a dishwasher is the worst thing ever. I’m never cooking ever again.

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I need to clean. My place is a mess. That’s so not like me, at all.

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I’m so exciteddddd! Travis is going home with me to North Carolina, and celebrating Christmas with my family this year. It’s going to be so phenomenal ❤️❤️ We bought our tickets today!

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I’m craving the beach. I want to be a beach bum.

Being in the water every day, finding sand in places it shouldn’t be after I have already showered. Feeling the salt on my skin after I feel completely scrubbed.

I crave sunsets, fun conversations, the beauty of nature. I want the beach. Take me to it, and I’ll never want to leave.

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